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Plan Single Module       $149.00     

This includes 1 Online Module and 1 hour Module Review.

Plan ID Impact               $447.00     

This includes Module 1-3 and 1 hour Module Review following each Module.

Plan ID Blueprint        $1,092.00   

This includes Module 1-8 and 1 hour Module Review following each Module.

A Module is self paced online class that will help you to get to know yourself in your spirituality and humanity, so you become intuned into knowing your intuition.

  • Module 1 – Understanding Emotional Patterns
  • Module 2 – Defining Bottom Lines
  • Module 3 – 7 Human Roles
  • *Module 4 – Embracing Your Truth
  • *Module 5 – Discovering Your Life Purpose
  • *Module 6 – Releasing Old Beliefs
  • *Module 7 – Manifesting Your Desires
  • **Module 8 – Your Blueprint

Module Review is a hour review on zoom of the module including confirmation of words. There will be 1-4 students in a Module Review.

*Module can not be started until Modules 1-3  are completed.

**Module can not be started until Modules 1-7 are completed



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