Frequently Asked Questions

This coaching programs is for the whole you  – spiritually and your humanity.  Too many times in this life we only partially feel our passion and we feel a part is always missing.  This program helps integrate all parts of you and prioritizes what makes you feel fullfilled and passionate in your professional and personal life.  When you get off track it will give you tools to quickly put your life back on track.

This powerful, results-driven, innovative program intuitively helps you break through generational patterns by providing the tools to take charge of life’s challenges. If life had GPS, this is it!  By the end, you’ll have created your very own unique ID Blueprint™.

As you go through each module, you’ll collect the ‘tools’ to form on your own ID Blueprint™. It’s a unique physical blueprint you can download or print to start using in everyday life when you need to navigate challenges that arise.

It is a self paced 8 module program that after you complete each module you will contact Keri at and schedule a module review. The modules are available online for 6 months from payment.

Module Review is a hour review on zoom of the module including confirmation of words. There will be 1-4 students in a Module Review.

So you can guide yourself with clarity and confidence as you navigate your path in life. Intuition is not a supernatural or dramatic phenomenon nor a “gift” or “power” that only a few talented people possess; there is nothing to fear! Intuition is an innate skill that most of us have simply been trained to ignore. Here at Intuitive Development, we educate clients and students so they leave our services feeling self-sufficient and self-reliant. We help people recalibrate their confidence in order to thwart restricting patterns, beliefs and mind chatter that prevent a joy-filled life.

This self-paced study online curriculum comes in a variety of modules that fit your schedule, whether you want to watch them in their entirety or break them up weekly. There are 8 modules total in the program, with 7 lessons per module. Each module takes approximately two hours and can be watched on a mobile device, laptop, or computer. For best viewing, we suggest a laptop or desktop. The majority of our students complete the full curriculum within 8-10 weeks, completing a module a week.

Due to this being an online digital curriculum, there are no refunds offered for the ID Blueprint Certification Training Program or any individual Modules purchased. All curriculum access is given for 6 months. After 6 months, a student can choose to continue access on a monthly subscription. If a private session is canceled there are no refunds, however, the amount paid can be applied to another session date and time. For more details or to view the entire Terms and Conditions policy click here.